Monday, 29 June 2015


It took me 6 trips to NYC to get here. Finally on my trip for the NYC Half Marathon, I made it. On what I now call my "snow seeing" day as it was snowing from 11 am..... continuously  I am not normally one to go to tourist style restaurants as the food and service is usually really bad. However, every now and again, my faith is restored. Katz's Deli was where this happened. I suppose that because it does seem to attract quite a few locals as well made it what it was. I walked in and was met by Eddie. He was happy to answer ALL my questions about how to order and how I wanted my pastrami sandwich. He was my first contact in this deli and was friendly and happy to answer my questions which he had probably been asked 100 times that day already. That is the sign of good service. Even when I sat in the table service area (after I had got my meal from the counter), the waiter was very friendly and just let me know that I needed to sit in the middle part instead. He was very diplomatic and made sure I didn't fell embarrassed I was sitting in the wrong area. How important is this? Often as a tourist when you do the "wrong" thing you are made to feel about an inch tall. Not here.
You get given a ticket at the door (say by Eddie) and they write what you order on it at each counter you visit, doing a running tally and then you pay at the end before you walk out the door. Quite a good system really. DON'T LOSE YOUR TICKET- it is a $50USD fine if you do. 
I made my way to the counter and ordered. The guy making my sandwich gave me some pastrami to try. He was also attentive with what I wanted on it, say mustard etc. I got some of the Russian dressing on the side, but I will be honest, I wasn't so much of a fan. The rye bread is to die for and I was to wash it all down with a cream soda. You can have your pastrami lean (with no fat) or "not so lean" (proper term escapes me), which means you get the fat with it.
The sandwich was great. Massive and really you can share it. The pastrami was fabulous. I didn't partake in the pickles as they are not my thing.
For the "When Harry Met Sally" fans, there is a photo of the cast on the wall and a dangling sign above the table where Meg Ryan gave her "performance".
Safe to say, it's the most expensive sandwich I have ever and probable will ever order and consume. My sandwich alone was $22.50, the soda $2.50. Total including tax, a little over $27USD. But, this is what the cost is. I would recommend a visit. And if you don't understand how it works, ask. They are really friendly people.
It's constantly packed but tables are always coming free.
The food is good, so despite the price, you aren't paying good money for bad food. 
I loved it here, would I go again, yes, but I would take someone with me to share a sandwich.


The Pastrami Sandwich (Lean)

The Pastrami Sandwich (Lean)

Old style lit up boards with their fayre.

Where Harry met Sally

The cast of Harry Met Sally.

This place is always busy. It was a great place to people watch

 Right here was where Meg Ryan gave her performance

Outside, and it was snowing. 

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