Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Four of us ended up here at Black Cow Bistro in May 2014 after being so offended by the staff across the road at the Mexican restaurant. It was clearly meant to be. We had been at a quilt retreat at the Grand Chancellor for the weekend and were now under our own steam for dinner. To our surprise, this little find was absolutely packed with people.
We were greeted at the door (and I am so sorry that I now can't remember this chap's name but he was lovely) and made to feel so welcome even though we did not have a reservation.
We were seated and proceeded to enjoy what the BCB had to offer.
Dylan took care of us- what an amazing man. So proud of the restaurant he works in. So proud of the team he works with. He is constantly checking around the restaurant for drinks to be filled, plates to be cleared, orders to be taken. His service is worthy of that found in a Michelin star restaurant.
Our first night we tried a selection of entrees- but knew that we would have to be back when we saw the steaks come out.
I tried the pork belly. Best I have EVER eaten. Please consider I have eaten in top restaurants world wide including those with Michelin stars. I never expected to find a restaurant of this quality in Launceston, but it must be on your list of must do's for this town.
For dessert I had the Frozen Caramel Slice- OMG- you will die and go to heaven.
Ever single meal that came out was thumbs up at our table.
The next day we called to make a reservation and Dylan could only fit us in at 8. Not a problem.
When we arrived, we were about 5 minutes early, he was beside himself as he had given himself a buffer for our arrival but he was so upset our table was not ready for our arrival. We were not worried as we knew that we would have a great night and we were early. We went outside and watched the tv at the real estate agents (to snoop on the houses for sale) and he CAME OUT to meet us and bring us in and welcome us again.
Apologising profusely (for something that was really not an issue), he bought our first round of drinks.
I had come for steak and I was not disappointed. One of the most amazing steaks I have eaten. Equal billing with #1 which was at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas where I ate in 2013. Asked for the rare side of medium rare and it was perfect. I cherished every morsel of that steak.
This is safely in my top restaurants worldwide. 
Dylan- the complete professional. The food, total taste sensations.
I cannot speak highly enough of this restaurant and will be recommending this to clients. 
Dylan, you should be so proud, you do a fabulous job in a fabulous restaurant. The food is unbelievable.
Thank you for taking care of us and indulging us 2 nights in a row.
An amazing experience.
Pork Belly (photo a bit dark)

Green Beans

Nicoise Salad

Frozen Caramel


Eye Fillet Steak

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