Monday, 29 June 2015


Being an agent, I am usually wary of private rentals and the "deals" people get. I have heard too many sad stories where I just think "Why did you even think that was a good idea?".
In March 2015 I was going to New York to run the NYC Half Marathon. The rate of exchange of the Australian dollar to the US dollar had dropped and so what I would normally call a great deal was now well above budget.

I decided to give Air BNB a shot to:

1) See what all the fuss was about
2) Get some cheaper accommodation that I could afford for the last 6 nights of my 10 night stay.
3) Find somewhere that I could recommend

I really do have to put a disclaimer here:
Short term rentals in NYC under 30 days are actually apparently not legal.
So I do need you to note:

1) You make a booking at your own risk
2) If you do not feel comfortable, do not hand over your money
3) Understand that not everyone is as ethical as you.
4) Do you research on different properties- read the reviews.
5) Be patient, sometimes the first one you choose may not be available. Properties are being loaded all the time.
6) Read the terms and conditions of each rental. You are entering into a contract. Know your rights with Air BNB as well.
7) Understand that you are staying in someone's house. They want you to have a good stay.  Respect their space like you would want someone to respect yours.You are not staying in a hotel, so don't expect those facilities.

After 1 cancellation (and then a credit from Air BNB to help me get a better property), I found a great little studio. Amazing mid-town location, right near a subway and eateries.
I can safely say MY experience with Air BNB has been positive. The young man's studio I stayed in was clean, warm and suited me perfectly. Communication was fabulous and he was so flexible with key pick up and drop off. I just loved the experience and will stay here again on future trips. I can safely say now that if people want to use Air BNB, I now get it. It certainly has opened my eyes to options.

My top criteria in NYC for an apartment are:
1) A lift- I do not wish to climb 5 flights of stairs to get to my digs
2) Wifi
3) Clean
4) Reviews, that are positive
5) Near a subway

 Click here for my referral link for Air BNB and get up to $33AUD off your first rental!
The apartment I stayed in was hosted by Ricky Perez and the link is here (create your account first and get a credit towards your booking).

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