Saturday, 20 June 2015


One of the key motivators of travelling for me now is about food and sourcing great restaurants. Great doesn't have to be expensive either. Great is defined by many variables; the food; the staff; the company. New York possibly has enough restaurants for me to try over 20 lifetimes and I still wouldn't get to go to all of them.

I was recommended to eat at Becco by friends who often do so. You must make a reservation otherwise you may not get in. I sat at the bar to eat as there were no tables on a busy night. After much consideration on what to choose, I went for the Sinfonia which for $22USD, is great value considering you can have unlimited pasta. Caesar Salad (or antipasto misto, your choice) to start, followed by unlimited amounts of 3 different types of pasta. On the night I went it was swiss chard cannelloni, pesto and green bean linguine, and penne alla vodka with shrimp. Bread and olives are given and it is tempting to fill up on them, but don't if you can avoid it! Great selection of wines as well, either by glass or bottle. The 2 boys behind the bar were just wonderful. They were attentive and chatty. Names escape me but 1 was from Mexico and the other from Algeria. They are a credit to that bar and run it like a well oiled machine. If you get a chance, try the sweet red wine Brachetto for dessert. It is chilled and will blow your mind. The restaurant is open until late and I would highly recommend it. I am glad I sat at the bar and not at a table. I am sure the service would have been just as good, but it was nice to be able to chat with the boys. Totally recommend this restaurant for service, value and great food. Make a reservation, you won't  be disappointed.