Sunday, 21 June 2015


Most people have a top 5. I have had a top 6 for many years now (I have always been different). I just can't take out that one extra city. These cities have helped form who I am in one way or another. Each of them holds special memories, be it from the people I have been there with, the things I have done there, or the people I have met there. The first 4 are cities I keep going back to often. I know them like the back of my hand but continue to return because there is still unchartered territory in each. They are cities I feel at home in from the minute I arrive and it often pains me to leave because I wonder when I can get back there to "be at home" again. The last 2 are cities I would be quite happy to go back to. They are off the beaten track and require all sorts of ridiculous hurdles to get in there.

1) NEW YORK- My absolute #1 favourite town by far. Nothing can beat it. I can't put my finger on what makes it so mesmerising, but I just have a love affair with this town.

2) LONDON - Holds special memories as it was my home for over 6 years. A city with magnificent history Plenty to see and enjoy.

3) TOKYO - Capital of the country I spent a few years living in. Now I fly here, base myself here and  explore all this city has to offer. I am known also to escape the insanity and jump on a Shinkansen to a restaurant 3 hours away for lunch and then come back again.

4) LAS VEGAS - The Paradise of Vice in the middle of the desert. I was a casino dealer in the UK and on cruise ships for 12 years. I love this place. I love to play poker. I just love being here.

5) MOSCOW - A city still shrouded in a little mystery as the Russians make you jump hoops to get in, but full of fabulous history. A must for those who have been to the European staples and are looking for something a little more off the beaten track.

6) RIO DE JANEIRO - I spent my 27th birthday here visiting Copacabana Beach and the Christo Redentor. Nothing beats a visit to Carnavale in February or a meal at Porcao in Ipanema.

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