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I can safely say, I am unable to travel light. I admire one of my clients family that travel with only hand luggage- yes even internationally for 2.5 weeks. "Silk" she says, "Everything needs to be silk". I still don't think that would help me.
However, in my time packing and unpacking (I spent 5 years working on cruise ships so used to pack and unpack my life every 6 months), I have learnt a few things and would like to share a few tips with you.

Have you ever got up in the middle of the night to change over chargers so both your phone and camera are ready to go in the morning? Ever had to carry more than one adapter to charge all your technology? Well no more.
My #1 tip for travelling is 1 x universal adapter and 1 x power board with 3-4 plugs. That way you can just plug all your items into the power board, and just use one adapter. That way you can charge all your items at once. No fighting for the adapter with your travelling companion.

Evening Wear:
My standard outfit to be able to pack as lightly as possible is 1 pair of black pants, a pair of kitten heels and 3-4 nice tops. That way you can chop and change but still have nice clothes to wear out of an evening.

Now, sometimes there are certain things you just can't live without, but you can cut down your toiletries which can sometimes consume 3-4 kgs of your luggage allowance. Being the nerd that I am, I really like to use stuff up, however, if I have a trip coming up, I will often not quite finish my face wash and then put the remaining amount in my toiletries bag to use on my trip, that way I can throw it away before I come home. I do the same with a deodorant. That way, I can throw them away when I am coming home. I take a small shower gel (one I have taken from a hotel usually), and then once that runs out, use the gel in the hotel. Shampoo and conditioner, well, I decant my favourites into smaller containers, taking enough for my trip. I also use face wipes. They are cheap enough to leave behind if you have to. I do however take my eye makeup remover. I kept one of the old bottles and decant enough in for each trip. Toothpaste- I use the little sample ones if I have any or I get one of the tiny travel tubes from the supermarket.

Make- Up:
I don't wear a lot of makeup normally but I do like to wear make-up when I go out of an evening even when away. My basic standard is powder based foundation, liquid eyeliner, mascara and I have 2 eyeshadows and a brown lip gloss. Thats it.

Hang luggage:
This is possibly where it starts to go wrong. I am getting better at this.
Possibly one of the reasons why my luggage has never been lost is because I do carry a spare outfit and about 3 pairs of knickers in my hand luggage. If I am travelling to NYC, I normally will change into clean clothes in LA, so I feel human.
I also carry a deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush (just a disposable one I have picked up from a hotel, hand cream and a lip gloss to counteract the drying air of the plane (about the only time I use hand cream and lip gloss)).
I also have a pair of the Scholl Ballet Feet flats in my hand luggage.
Depending on the trip, I travel with my big handbag and also a hand luggage bag. I really would like to learn to travel with just the big handbag.
In my hand luggage, I carry, cameras, iPad, chargers, all medications, spare outfit and knickers and anything fragile.

Main Bag:
I think the choice of suitcase or bag to check is purely down to personal choice. I have a number of different sizes and styles and use them all.
I admit to being a roller. I roll my clothes to fit more in and so they don't crease. I also recently saw a video of a guy packing as much as I pack in to a big suitcase into a case the size of a carry on.
Click here to see the video. It is nothing short of amazing.
My advice is when you get home from a trip, photograph what you used and wore and then what you didn't so you know what not to take next time. This was a tip my brother taught me. So I am getting better at not taking stuff just in case. Not a perfected skill yet.

What tips do you have?
Would love to hear them, please put in the comments below!

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