Sunday, 5 July 2015


My family and I went to this Adelaide restaurant for my brother's 40th birthday in June.
On the ever popular Rundle Street, it is a great choice for steak/ Argentinian Barbecue. We are all fans of steak and we love great steak.
To give you some history on how much we love steak, we lived in Japan in the late 80's. In Japan during that time, steak was around $100 a kilo stretching up to $300 a kilo for the top stuff. Interestingly now it is all about the "marbling" of the fat within the steak. Well back in the 80's this was a new concept to 14 year old me in Japan but it was the norm there and I enjoyed being treated often to steak when we lived there. Essentially we were eating this "Kobe" beef back then, long before it became the "in thing". I used to eat my steak well done. It needed to be cooked within an inch of its life. Now I like it rare. How times have changed!
We didn't have a reservation but as we were quite early for a Friday night we were able to be seated. It's a cosy set up with some bigger tables for group towards the back near the kitchen pass. However, it isn't noisy so you can hold a conversation and hear what is being said. 

We didn't order any starters as we wanted dessert. Three of us had the eye fillet and my brother had the mixed grill plate (which really in essence is good enough for two).
Mum and I had one of the Malbec wines and it was great.
Your main courses are accompanied by a plate of their special potatoes. Little cubes of carb enriched delight with seasoning. Just delicious. 
We also ordered some sides: the mushrooms and the mixed seasonal vegetables.
All just amazing.
Our steaks came in good time and were honestly perfect. 
I have had two memorable steaks in my adult life so far (Gordon Ramsay Steak, Las Vegas and Black Cow Bistro, Launceston), and this makes it three.
Mum and I had also ordered a Gorgonzola sauce and I can safely say this is one of the best sauces I have ever had. It also went really well with the potatoes.
Desserts are pricey at $16AUD each. Mum and I shared the creme brûlée. It's was lovely. Didn't blow my mind but was delicious all the same.
Our female waitresses were just lovely and couldn't do enough to make our stay enjoyable. There was one male waiter who we did find a bit pompous. We didn't let that affect us.
All in all a great dining experience which my Mum and I were still living off the next day.
We will definitely return to Sosta and if you are visiting our fair town, please do your self a favour and make a reservation here for dinner.
Next time I think I will try some of the starters.
My mouth still waters when I think of that steak.

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