Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I got to stay here as I was in Melbourne for a work conference and awards night, July 2015. I was excited to finally get to stay at the Crown Complex. This complex was a game changer for Melbourne when it was built. Housing a casino, restaurants, shops, bars, 3 hotels, conference facilities, ballroom all in one large location on Melbourne's Yarra river. 
The hotel really is lovely. The check in area was well staffed and the lifts plentiful and fast.
I was in room 2161 which had twin double beds. Floor to ceiling windows looked out towards the Port of Melbourne. 
The room has a myriad of light switches, which took me forever to work out. Just want simple switches and decent lighting. There was only room for one suitcase on the luggage shelf which formed part of a clothes hanging area, there were also two smaller closet spaces, but no spare luggage rack to put out. This is a twin room, but only provides space for one person to put their case up. 
The beds- amazing. I love soft linen. I really liked the pillows. The beds were really comfortable. Good night's sleep.
The bathroom is a modern design but not suitable for conference guests who are two people who may not even know each other. Apart from the sliding door opening up to the main part of the room, so you can say hi to your room mate while brushing your teeth, there is then a huge gap between the wall and this divider, thus allowing your room mate to hear and possibly smell all that is going on in the toilet/bathroom area.
This to me is a major design flaw in this hotel and I am sure that there have been a number of complaints about this. Even putting glass bricks or some kind of screen in that space, would help. 
I think the hotel is lovely, but some design flaws make it difficult for me to understand why the rooms were designed this way to counteract the overflow for conferences.

Room from entrance hall, lighting not so good.

Large vanity area, but only one sink

Toilet to the right, Shower to the left. Toilet door opens outwards towards you, shower door inwards.

Room photo taken from windows, the closets are up to the right. The entrance to the bathroom is opposite the closets up there on the right. You can see the sliding screen and how you can see the shower door. and then on the right of that brown screen there on the left you can see the gap.
Photo below shows how big the gap is.

I took this photo from the gap between the main wall and the bathroom. It was a good 12 inches wide.

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