Monday, 6 July 2015


It was running friends gathering for brunch that brought my friend and I here on a Sunday, July 2015. Situated on Melbourne's Southbank (Federation Square end), Bear Brass has both outside and inside seating. It's quite a cosy set up. 
To begin while I waited for my friend I started with a freshly squeezed orange juice which was just amazing. Came in one of the new style hipster jar receptacles. I had had a late night out after my work awards and then heading out to visit a muso friend who was playing at a bar in town, so juice was just great.  The restaurant was very busy so being a Sunday, I would say a reservation would be almost essential. 
For my meal I ordered the Eggs Atlantic option and got them to scramble the eggs and put the hollandaise sauce on the side. The eggs were great, light and fluffy and the sauce just yum. The smoked salmon was fresh.
The coffee was ok. Nothing exceptional but it filled the caffeine gap.
My friend had the fruit salad which looked exceptional. It was fresh, and offered more than your usual banana apple orange combo. 
We were there to catch up and although it was busy, the other tables were moving quickly. I did notice that after our second coffee and our plates were cleared, we were given not much more attention. One of our other running friends came in to catch up a little later in our stay, bringing her girls with her. We weren't offered a water refill or asked if we wanted anymore coffees or if the girls wanted anything. When we asked for the bill, that too was a rather lacklustre event and we weren't asked how our meal was.
We had stayed 3 hours but were more than happy to keep buying drinks, but as I said after our second coffee we were given no more attention.
The food here is great and I would return here for that alone.

Breakfast Menu

Juice in  a hipster jar.

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